Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri – Cricketing Career

Information Details
Name Ravi Shastri
Player Type All-rounder
Date of Birth May 27, 1962
Father’s Name M. N. Shastri
Birthplace Mumbai, India
Career Starting Date November 25, 1981
Retirement Date April 4, 1992
Matches Played 80 (ODIs), 80 (Tests), 1 (T20)
Centuries 6 (ODIs), 11 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Half Centuries 27 (ODIs), 12 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Ducks 7 (ODIs), 16 (Tests), 1 (T20)
Nervous Nineties 1 (ODIs), 6 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Wickets 129 (ODIs), 151 (Tests), 1 (T20)
Captainship in Matches 1 (ODI)
Man of the Matches 6 (ODIs), 8 (Tests), 0 (T20)


Ravi Shastri, born on May 27, 1962, in Mumbai, India, is a former Indian cricketer known for his all-round abilities as a batsman and a right-arm spin bowler. He made his international debut on November 25, 1981, and became a vital part of the Indian cricket team during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Ravi Shastri was a gritty and dependable middle-order batsman who could accelerate the scoring rate when required. He was known for his solid defense and ability to play long innings. As a bowler, he bowled accurate off-spin and was often used as a containing bowler by the Indian team.

In his illustrious career, Shastri played 80 ODIs, 80 Test matches, and 1 T20 match. He scored 6 centuries and 27 half-centuries in ODIs, and 11 centuries and 12 half-centuries in Test matches. While he had some nervous moments in the nineties, Shastri’s temperament often helped him convert those into big scores.

Besides his batting prowess, Shastri was an effective bowler and took 129 wickets in ODIs, 151 wickets in Test matches, and 1 wicket in T20 cricket. He also captained the Indian team in one ODI.

Shastri’s impactful performances often earned him the “Man of the Match” award, and he received this honor 6 times in ODIs and 8 times in Test matches.

World Records:

Ravi Shastri’s contributions to Indian cricket and his remarkable achievements have earned him several world records. Below are some of the notable records held by him:

Category Records
Test Matches The highest number of sixes hit in a single Test inning by an Indian player (13 sixes)
One Day Internationals (ODIs) Best bowling figures by an Indian bowler in an ODI inning (5 wickets for 15 runs)

Brand Endorsements:

Ravi Shastri, with his charismatic personality and successful cricketing career, has been associated with various brand endorsements. He has been part of advertisements and promotions for brands across different sectors. His versatile personality and ongoing involvement with the game as a cricket coach and commentator have further enhanced his marketability. Shastri’s impactful performances on the field and his contributions to Indian cricket continue to inspire and entertain fans of the sport.

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