Mohammad Azharuddin

Mohammad Azharuddin – Cricketing Career

Information Details
Name Mohammad Azharuddin
Player Type Right-hand Batsman
Date of Birth February 8, 1963
Father’s Name Mohammad Azizuddin
Birthplace Hyderabad, India
Career Starting Date January 20, 1985
Retirement Date December 17, 2000
Matches Played 334 (ODIs), 99 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Centuries 7 (ODIs), 22 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Half Centuries 58 (ODIs), 21 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Ducks 20 (ODIs), 5 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Nervous Nineties 0 (ODIs), 1 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Wickets 12 (ODIs), 4 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Captainship in Matches 174 (ODIs), 47 (Tests), 0 (T20)
Man of the Matches 14 (ODIs), 5 (Tests), 0 (T20)


Mohammad Azharuddin, born on February 8, 1963, in Hyderabad, India, is a former Indian cricketer and one of the most stylish right-hand batsmen to have represented the country. He made his international debut on January 20, 1985, and went on to become one of India’s most successful captains and prolific run-scorers in both Test and One Day International (ODI) cricket.

Azharuddin’s batting was characterized by his elegance and impeccable timing. He had the ability to play both pace and spin with ease, making him a challenging batsman to bowl to. He holds the record for being the only batsman to score three consecutive centuries in his first three Test matches.

In his illustrious career, Azharuddin played 334 ODIs and 99 Test matches. He scored 7 centuries and 58 half-centuries in ODIs, and an impressive 22 centuries and 21 half-centuries in Test matches. While he had some occasions of falling short in the nineties, Azharuddin’s stroke play was a treat to watch.

Besides his batting prowess, Azharuddin was a part-time off-spinner and claimed 12 wickets in ODIs and 4 wickets in Test matches. He was known for his calm and composed leadership, and he captained India in 174 ODIs and 47 Test matches, guiding the team to several notable victories.

His impactful performances often earned him the “Man of the Match” award, and he received this honor 14 times in ODIs and 5 times in Test matches.

World Records:

Below are some of the notable world records achieved by Mohammad Azharuddin in cricket:

Category Records
Test Matches Only batsman to score three consecutive centuries in his first three Test matches
One Day Internationals (ODIs) Most consecutive centuries (3) in ODIs

Brand Endorsements:

Mohammad Azharuddin’s popularity and success as a cricketer made him a prominent figure in the world of brand endorsements. He was associated with various brands that valued his cricketing talent and his charm on and off the field. Azharuddin’s iconic style and achievements in cricket made him a beloved personality among cricket enthusiasts and fans. After retiring from international cricket, he has been involved in cricket administration and has also ventured into politics. His legacy as a graceful and successful cricketer continues to inspire generations of aspiring batsmen in India.

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