Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Name Imran Khan
Player Type All-rounder (Right-handed Batsman, Right-arm Fast Bowler)
Date of Birth 25th November 1952
Father’s Name Ikramullah Khan Niazi
Birthplace Lahore, Pakistan
Career Starting Date 3rd June 1971 (Test debut)
Career Retirement Date 2nd May 1992 (ODI) / 7th January 1992 (Test)
Matches Played 88 Tests, 175 ODIs
Centuries 6 (Test), 1 (ODI)
Half Centuries 18 (Test), 8 (ODI)
Ducks 16 (Test), 14 (ODI)
Nervous Nineties 2 (Test), 0 (ODI)
Wickets 362 (Test), 182 (ODI)
Captainship in Matches 48 Tests, 139 ODIs
Man of the Matches 9 (Test), 13 (ODI)

Biography: Imran Khan, born on 25th November 1952 in Lahore, Pakistan, is one of cricket’s greatest all-rounders and a revered figure in world cricket. Khan’s illustrious career spanned from 1971 to 1992, where he showcased his brilliance both as a cricketer and a leader.

As an all-rounder, Khan was known for his graceful batting and potent pace bowling. He played 88 Test matches and 175 ODIs for Pakistan, making valuable contributions with the bat and ball throughout his career.

With 6 Test centuries and 1 ODI century to his name, Khan displayed his ability to excel as a batsman. Alongside, he scored 18 half-centuries in Tests and 8 in ODIs. However, he also faced 16 ducks in Tests and 14 in ODIs.

Khan’s fast bowling was a formidable weapon, and he took 362 Test wickets and 182 ODI wickets. His ability to swing and seam the ball made him a tough competitor for batsmen.

Khan’s leadership skills were exemplary, and he captained Pakistan in 48 Test matches and 139 ODIs. His inspirational captaincy led Pakistan to historic victories, including the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Khan’s performances earned him the title of “Man of the Match” on numerous occasions in both Test matches and ODIs, underlining his match-winning abilities.

World Records:

Note: As of my last update in September 2021, here are some of Imran Khan’s world records across formats:

World Records Record
Only captain to lead Pakistan to a World Cup victory (1992)
Most wickets for Pakistan in Test cricket 362 wickets

Please note that these records might have changed or been broken after September 2021.

Brand Endorsements: During his cricketing career and beyond, Imran Khan’s popularity extended beyond the cricket field. His charisma, leadership qualities, and cricketing achievements made him a prominent personality, attracting brand endorsements. While I do not have access to specific details of his brand endorsements beyond September 2021, it is evident that his status as a cricketing legend and a respected figure in Pakistan’s political sphere made him an attractive choice for various brands. His association with reputable brands further solidified his legacy as a cricketing great and a prominent public figure.

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