ICC World T20 qualification rules

ICC World T20 Qualification Rules

Qualifying Event Number of Teams Qualifying Teams
Full Member Nations 12 All Full Member Nations
ICC World T20 Qualifier 6 Top 4 teams
Regional Qualifying Events Varies Top teams from respective regions
Host Country 1 Automatically qualifies
Total Teams 16


The ICC World T20 is a highly anticipated T20 cricket tournament that takes place every two years, bringing together the best T20 teams from around the world. The qualification process ensures that teams from various regions have an opportunity to compete on the global stage while maintaining a competitive and high-quality tournament.

  1. Full Member Nations: All 12 Full Member Nations of the International Cricket Council (ICC) automatically qualify for the ICC World T20. Full Member Nations are the top cricketing countries and enjoy direct entry into the tournament.
  2. ICC World T20 Qualifier: The ICC World T20 Qualifier is a critical event in the qualification process. It involves six teams that did not gain a direct qualification through Full Membership. After intense competition, the top four teams from the qualifier secure their spots in the ICC World T20.
  3. Regional Qualifying Events: To ensure representation from different cricketing regions, the ICC organizes regional qualifying events. These events are tailored for Associate Member Nations and emerging cricketing nations from various regions. The number of qualifying teams from each region may vary based on the regional event’s structure and competitiveness.
  4. Host Country: The host country of the ICC World T20 receives an automatic qualification spot. This provision allows the ICC to award hosting rights to a specific nation, providing them with direct entry into the tournament without having to go through the qualification process.

In total, the ICC World T20 features 16 teams competing for the coveted title. The qualification process combines automatic entries for Full Member Nations, competitive ICC World T20 Qualifier, and regional events, ensuring a diverse and engaging tournament.

Please note that the qualification rules might be subject to change by the ICC for future World T20 events. The table and explanation above are based on the rules as of September 2021. It’s essential to check for the latest updates and changes from the official ICC sources leading up to the next ICC World T20.

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