Dilip Vengsarkar

Dilip Vengsarkar – Cricketing Career

Information Details
Name Dilip Balwant Vengsarkar
Player Type Middle-order Batsman
Date of Birth April 6, 1956
Father’s Name Balwant Vengsarkar
Birthplace Rajapur, Maharashtra, India
Career Starting Date January 24, 1976
Retirement Date March 31, 1992
Matches Played 116 (Tests), 129 (ODIs)
Centuries 17 (Tests), 1 (ODIs)
Half Centuries 45 (Tests), 22 (ODIs)
Ducks 9 (Tests), 8 (ODIs)
Nervous Nineties 8 (Tests), 0 (ODIs)
Wickets 1 (Tests), 4 (ODIs)
Captainship in Matches 10 (Tests), 12 (ODIs)
Man of the Matches 6 (Tests), 3 (ODIs)


Dilip Vengsarkar, born on April 6, 1956, in Rajapur, Maharashtra, India, is a former Indian cricketer and one of India’s most technically sound middle-order batsmen. He made his Test debut on January 24, 1976, and became a vital part of the Indian cricket team during the 1980s.

Dilip Vengsarkar was known for his solid technique and ability to play long innings. He was particularly strong against pace bowling and had a solid defense against spinners. He earned the nickname “Colonel” for his disciplined and organized approach to batting.

In his illustrious Test career, Vengsarkar played 116 matches and scored 17 centuries and 45 half-centuries. He had a special affinity for the nervous nineties, scoring eight times in the nineties during his Test career. In ODIs, he played 129 matches and scored one century and 22 half-centuries.

Vengsarkar’s contributions extended beyond batting, as he was a useful medium-pace bowler. He took one wicket in Test matches and four wickets in ODIs. He also had captaincy stints for India in both Tests and ODIs.

Dilip Vengsarkar’s impactful performances often earned him the “Man of the Match” award, and he received this honor six times in Tests and three times in ODIs.

World Records:

Dilip Vengsarkar’s impact on Indian cricket was significant, but he didn’t hold any specific world records across formats.

Brand Endorsements:

During his playing days, brand endorsements were not as common as they are today. However, Dilip Vengsarkar’s solid and dependable batting made him a respected figure in the cricketing world. After retiring from international cricket, he remained involved in the sport as a cricket administrator and selector. Vengsarkar’s contributions to Indian cricket have earned him immense respect, and he continues to be actively associated with the game. He has been vocal about promoting and nurturing cricket talent in India.

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