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ICC Women’s Cricket Committee

ICC Women’s Cricket Committee

Table: ICC Women’s Cricket Committee (as of September 2021)

Member Role Country of Origin
Belinda Clark Chairperson Australia
Shubhangi Kulkarni Former India cricketer India
Catherine Campbell Former New Zealand cricketer New Zealand
Clare Connor Former England cricketer England
Holly Colvin Former England cricketer England
Tom Moffat Cricket administrator Scotland
Lesley Murdoch Umpire New Zealand
Yashpal Sharma Former India cricketer India


The ICC Women’s Cricket Committee is a vital advisory body responsible for providing recommendations and insights to the International Cricket Council (ICC) on matters related to women’s cricket. The committee comprises former women cricketers, administrators, and umpires who have excelled in their respective fields and have a deep understanding of the women’s game.

  1. Belinda Clark (Chairperson): Belinda Clark, the former Australian cricketer and World Cup-winning captain serves as the Chairperson of the ICC Women’s Cricket Committee. As the leader of the committee, she plays a crucial role in shaping policies and decisions concerning women’s cricket.
  2. Shubhangi Kulkarni (Former India cricketer): Shubhangi Kulkarni, the former Indian cricketer, brings her vast cricketing experience to the committee, providing valuable insights from an Indian cricketing perspective.
  3. Catherine Campbell (Former New Zealand cricketer): Catherine Campbell, the former New Zealand cricketer, contributes her expertise and knowledge to the committee, representing New Zealand’s interests in women’s cricket.
  4. Clare Connor (Former England cricketer): Clare Connor, the former England cricketer and current Managing Director of Women’s Cricket at ECB, offers her valuable cricketing insights from the perspective of English cricket.
  5. Holly Colvin (Former England cricketer): Holly Colvin, the former England cricketer, provides her expertise and understanding of the women’s game from an English perspective.
  6. Tom Moffat (Cricket administrator): Tom Moffat, a cricket administrator, adds administrative expertise to the committee, contributing to the development and governance of women’s cricket.
  7. Lesley Murdoch (Umpire): Lesley Murdoch, a former international umpire from New Zealand, offers her umpiring experience and perspectives to the committee.
  8. Yashpal Sharma (Former India cricketer): Yashpal Sharma, the former Indian cricketer, brings his cricketing knowledge and experience to the committee, representing India’s cricketing interests.

The ICC Women’s Cricket Committee plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of women’s cricket globally. It discusses and deliberates on various aspects of the game, including playing conditions, player development, rules, and governance. The committee’s recommendations and insights are instrumental in elevating the standard and visibility of women’s cricket. With representatives from diverse cricketing backgrounds and experiences, the ICC Women’s Cricket Committee ensures a comprehensive and inclusive approach to women’s cricket-related decisions. Through the collective expertise and dedication of its members, the committee contributes significantly to advancing women’s cricket and fostering a bright future for the sport.