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Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh – Cricketing Statistics

Name Steve Waugh
Player Type Right-handed Batsman
Date of Birth June 2, 1965
Father’s Name Rodger Waugh
Birthplace Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia
Career Start January 1986 (ODIs), December 1985 (Tests), May 2006 (T20Is)
Retirement Date January 18, 2004 (ODIs), January 6, 2004 (Tests), May 2006 (T20Is)
Matches Played 325 (ODIs), 168 (Tests), 1 (T20I)
Centuries 18 (ODIs), 32 (Tests), 0 (T20Is)
Half Centuries 50 (ODIs), 50 (Tests), 0 (T20Is)
Ducks 20 (ODIs), 22 (Tests), 0 (T20Is)
Nervous Nineties 8 (Tests)
Wickets 195 (ODIs), 92 (Tests), 0 (T20Is)
Captaincy in Matches 106 (ODIs), 57 (Tests), 1 (T20I)
Man of the Matches 23 (ODIs), 17 (Tests), 0 (T20Is)

Biography of Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh, born on June 2, 1965, in Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia, is a former Australian cricketer and one of the most successful captains in the history of the sport. He was a right-handed batsman known for his tenacity and grit, earning him the nickname “Iceman” for his ability to handle pressure and deliver during crucial moments.

Waugh made his debut for Australia in both One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and Test matches in the mid-1980s. However, it was during the 1990s and early 2000s that he truly established himself as one of the finest batsmen in the world. His remarkable Test batting record and exceptional captaincy skills made him a cricketing icon.

As a batsman, Waugh scored 10,927 runs in ODIs and 10,927 runs in Test matches. He registered 18 centuries and 32 half-centuries in Tests, displaying his ability to anchor the innings and play big innings when needed. His mental toughness and concentration were evident in the number of times he crossed the nervous nineties and converted his fifties into centuries.

Besides his batting prowess, Waugh was a useful medium-pace bowler and picked up 195 wickets in ODIs and 92 wickets in Test matches. His all-around contributions to the team were vital to Australia’s success during his playing days.

As a captain, Steve Waugh led the Australian cricket team from 1999 to 2004. Under his leadership, Australia became one of the most dominant teams in the world, winning numerous Test series and ICC trophies. He was known for his strategic acumen and the ability to inspire his teammates.

After an illustrious international cricket career, Steve Waugh retired from ODIs and Tests in January 2004. He played his last T20I match in May 2006. Post-retirement, he remained involved in cricket as a commentator, mentor, and philanthropist.

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