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ICC Men’s Cricket Committee

ICC Men’s Cricket Committee

Member Role Country of Origin
Anil Kumble Chairman India
Andrew Strauss Former England captain England
Rahul Dravid Former India captain India
Mahela Jayawardene Former Sri Lanka captain Sri Lanka
Shaun Pollock Former South Africa captain South Africa
Tim May Former Australia spinner Australia
Kumar Dharmasena Former Sri Lanka umpire Sri Lanka
Adrian Griffith West Indies’ Players’ Assoc. West Indies


The ICC Men’s Cricket Committee is a key advisory body responsible for providing recommendations and guidance to the International Cricket Council (ICC) on various cricket-related matters. The committee consists of former players and experts who have excelled in the game, along with representatives from players’ associations.

  1. Anil Kumble (Chairman): Anil Kumble, the former Indian cricketer and legendary leg-spinner, serves as the Chairman of the ICC Men’s Cricket Committee. He leads the committee and plays a crucial role in shaping cricket policies and decisions.
  2. Andrew Strauss (Former England captain): Andrew Strauss, the former England captain, brings his extensive cricketing experience to the committee, offering insights and perspectives from an English cricketing point of view.
  3. Rahul Dravid (Former India captain): Rahul Dravid, the former Indian captain, contributes his wealth of cricketing knowledge and leadership skills to the committee, representing the Indian cricketing perspective.
  4. Mahela Jayawardene (Former Sri Lanka captain): Mahela Jayawardene, the former Sri Lankan captain, adds his invaluable insights to the committee, representing Sri Lanka’s cricketing interests.
  5. Shaun Pollock (Former South African captain): Shaun Pollock, the former South African captain and renowned all-rounder, provides expertise from the perspective of South African cricket.
  6. Tim May (Former Australia spinner): Tim May, the former Australian spinner, offers his cricketing expertise to the committee, representing Australia’s interests.
  7. Kumar Dharmasena (Former Sri Lanka umpire): Kumar Dharmasena, the former Sri Lankan umpire, provides valuable insights and perspectives on umpiring matters.
  8. Adrian Griffith (West Indies’ Players’ Association): Adrian Griffith represents the interests of the West Indies’ Players’ Association, ensuring that players’ voices and concerns are heard.

The ICC Men’s Cricket Committee plays a crucial role in shaping the future of cricket. It discusses and deliberates on various aspects of the game, including playing conditions, rules, player behavior, and technology usage. The committee’s recommendations are instrumental in improving the standard and spirit of the game. With representatives from various cricketing nations and disciplines, the committee ensures a diverse and comprehensive approach to cricket-related decisions. Through the collective expertise and experience of its members, the ICC Men’s Cricket Committee contributes significantly to the development and growth of cricket globally.