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Cricket Field Dimensions

Cricket Field Dimensions:

Aspect Measurement (Meters) Measurement (Yards)
Length of the Pitch 20.12 m 22 yards
Width of the Pitch 3.05 m 10 feet
Length of the Boundary Minimum 59.43 m Minimum 65 yards
Maximum 82.29 m Maximum 90 yards
Crease Length 1.22 m 4 feet
Crease Width 22.86 cm 9 inches
Stump Height 71.1 cm 28 inches


A cricket field is the playing area where all the action takes place during a cricket match. The dimensions of the cricket field are defined by the rules and regulations set by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The most critical element of the field is the cricket pitch, where the bowler delivers the ball to the batsman.

The cricket pitch’s length is 20.12 meters, which is equivalent to 22 yards. The width of the pitch is 3.05 meters, or 10 feet. The stumps at each end of the pitch are positioned exactly 22 yards apart.

Beyond the pitch, we have the boundary, which is the perimeter of the field. The boundary’s length can vary, with a minimum distance of 59.43 meters (65 yards) and a maximum of 82.29 meters (90 yards) from the center of the pitch. The size of the boundary is often determined by the ground and can impact the number of runs scored in a match.

The crease lines are marked on the pitch, and they define the safe zones for the batsmen and wicketkeeper. The popping crease, which is the line closest to the stumps, has a length of 1.22 meters (4 feet), and the return crease is also of the same length. The width of both creases is 22.86 centimeters (9 inches).

The stumps are wooden structures placed at both ends of the pitch. They consist of three vertical sticks and two wooden bails on top. The stumps’ height is 71.1 centimeters (28 inches) from the ground.

These standardized cricket field dimensions ensure a fair and consistent playing surface across all matches and formats of the game. They play a crucial role in determining the strategies and tactics employed by teams and have a significant impact on the overall dynamics of the game.