Subhash Gupte

Subhash Gupte – Cricketing Career

Information Details
Name Subhash Gupte
Player Type Leg-spin Bowler
Date of Birth December 11, 1929
Father’s Name Nana Shankar Gupte
Birthplace Bombay, British India (now Mumbai, India)
Career Starting Date December 1, 1951
Matches Played 36 (Tests)
Centuries 0
Half Centuries 0
Ducks 5
Nervous Nineties 0
Wickets 149
Captainship in Matches 0
Man of the Matches 4


Subhash Gupte, born on December 11, 1929, in Bombay (now Mumbai), India, was a talented leg-spin bowler who represented India in Test cricket. He made his Test debut on December 1, 1951, and became one of the finest spinners of his era.

Gupte was known for his classic leg-break and googly deliveries. He had a deceptive flight and could spin the ball prodigiously, making him a formidable bowler to face. His accuracy and ability to turn the ball sharply earned him many wickets and accolades.

In his Test career, Gupte played 36 matches and took an impressive 149 wickets. He was a pivotal figure in India’s bowling attack during the 1950s and was often regarded as the successor to the legendary spinner Vinoo Mankad.

Despite not being a prominent batsman, Gupte’s primary role in the team was as a bowler, and he focused on taking wickets to help India succeed.

Throughout his Test career, Gupte was named the Man of the Match on four occasions, underlining his match-winning performances for the Indian cricket team.

World Records:

Subhash Gupte holds the record for the best bowling figures in an innings by an Indian bowler in Test cricket. He took 9 wickets for just 102 runs against the West Indies in the 1958-59 Test series.

Brand Endorsements:

During Subhash Gupte’s era, brand endorsements and commercial ventures were not as prevalent as they are in modern cricket. The focus during that time was primarily on the game, and players were admired for their cricketing skills and performances on the field.

Gupte’s mastery as a leg-spin bowler earned him immense respect and admiration from cricket fans. He was celebrated as one of the finest spinners in the history of Indian cricket, and his contributions to the sport have left a lasting legacy.

Overall, Subhash Gupte was a true maestro of spin bowling, and his performances helped establish him as one of the greatest bowlers in the history of Indian cricket. His artistry with the ball and ability to bamboozle batsmen will be remembered fondly by cricket enthusiasts for generations to come.

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