Reading the Googly: Tips for Picking the Wrong’un

Reading the Google: Tips for Picking the Wrong’un

Introduction: In cricket, the googly is a deceptive and tricky delivery bowled by spinners to deceive the batsman. Also known as the wrong’un, it spins in the opposite direction to the batsman’s expectations, leading to confusion and often resulting in a wicket. Picking the googly is a crucial skill for batsmen to counter the spinners effectively. In this guide, we will explore essential tips for batsmen to read the googly and pick the wrong’un confidently.

  1. Watch the Wrist: To pick the googly, focus on the bowler’s wrist position during the delivery stride. Unlike a regular leg-spin delivery, the googly is delivered with the back of the hand facing the batsman. Observe the wrist closely to identify the change in position.
  2. Identify the Seam Position: The seam position can provide valuable cues about the type of delivery. For a googly, the seam is scrambled or angled across the ball, rather than being upright or spinning in a conventional leg-spin manner. Spotting the altered seam position can help you anticipate the wrong’un.
  3. Watch the Bowler’s Fingers: Pay attention to the bowler’s fingers as they release the ball. The googly is often delivered with a slightly different grip, which may be noticeable in the bowler’s finger positioning. Look for any subtle changes in the grip that could indicate the googly.
  4. Early Movement: The googly tends to have an early movement off the pitch, as it skids and spins in the opposite direction. Be alert for any sudden deviation after pitching and be prepared to adjust your shot accordingly.
  5. Read the Bowler’s Body Language: The bowler’s body language can offer valuable clues about their intentions. Observe the bowler’s action and demeanor closely. Some bowlers might change their approach while bowling the googly, providing hints about the type of delivery they are planning.
  6. Use Footwork and Get to the Pitch of the Ball: Using footwork to get to the pitch of the ball can minimize the impact of spin variations. By getting closer to the delivery, you reduce the amount of spin and can play the ball more effectively.
  7. Play with Soft Hands: Playing the googly with soft hands can help control the ball and prevent edges. Be prepared to adjust your shot quickly if you realize it’s a wrong’un.
  8. Practice and Experience: Reading the googly effectively requires practice and experience. Face bowlers who specialize in delivering googlies during net sessions to improve your ability to pick the delivery.

Conclusion: Picking the googly is a skill that can make a significant difference in a batsman’s ability to handle spinners effectively. By observing the bowler’s wrist position, seam position, finger grip, and body language, batsmen can anticipate the googly and adjust their shots accordingly. Using footwork and playing with soft hands can enhance control over the delivery. Regular practice against bowlers who bowl googlies can help batsmen gain the experience needed to read the wrong’un confidently. Remember, mastering the art of reading the googly is a valuable skill that can make batsmen more adept at handling spin and excel in the captivating world of cricket.

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