Maninder Singh

Maninder Singh – Cricketing Career

Information Details
Name Maninder Singh
Player Type Left-arm spinner
Date of Birth June 13, 1965
Father’s Name Baldev Singh
Birthplace Delhi, India
Career Starting Date December 24, 1982
Career Retirement Date March 31, 1994
Matches Played 35 (Tests), 59 (ODIs)
Centuries 0
Half Centuries 0
Ducks 11
Nervous Nineties 1
Wickets 88 (Tests), 66 (ODIs)
Captainship in Matches 0
Man of the Matches 2 (Tests), 2 (ODIs)


Maninder Singh, born on June 13, 1965, in Delhi, is a former Indian cricketer known for his left-arm spin bowling. He made his debut for the Indian cricket team on December 24, 1982, in a Test match against Pakistan. Maninder was a promising young talent with classical action and the ability to turn the ball.

He enjoyed a successful international career, representing India in both Test and One-Day International (ODI) formats. Maninder was known for his deceptive flight and subtle variations, making him a formidable force on turning pitches.

Maninder played 35 Test matches for India, taking 88 wickets, and 59 ODIs, picking up 66 wickets. He had the ability to trouble even the best batsmen with his crafty spin bowling. While he was not known for his batting, he occasionally chipped in with useful runs lower down the order.

Despite his talent and potential, Maninder’s international career did not last as long as expected. He retired from international cricket on March 31, 1994, after a brief but impactful career.

World Records:

Maninder Singh did not achieve any world records in one-day or Twenty-Twenty formats. In Test cricket, he picked up 8 five-wicket hauls, showcasing his effectiveness as a spin bowler.

Brand Endorsements:

During Maninder Singh’s playing days, cricket endorsements were not as prevalent as they are now. Brand endorsements were limited, and the focus was primarily on cricketing performance.

Post-retirement, Maninder Singh has been involved in cricket coaching and commentary. He has shared his cricketing insights and knowledge through various media platforms.

Maninder Singh remains remembered for his valuable contributions to Indian cricket as a talented left-arm spinner. His performances on the field earned him respect from cricket enthusiasts, and he continues to be associated with the game in different capacities.

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