Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma – Cricketing Career

Information Details
Name Ishant Sharma
Player Type Fast Bowler
Date of Birth September 2, 1988
Father’s Name Vijay Sharma
Birthplace Delhi, India
Career Starting Date May 25, 2007
Matches Played 101 (Tests), 80 (ODIs), 14 (T20Is)
Centuries 0
Half Centuries 1 (Tests), 0 (ODIs), 0 (T20Is)
Ducks 26 (Tests), 19 (ODIs), 7 (T20Is)
Nervous Nineties 0
Wickets 311 (Tests), 115 (ODIs), 8 (T20Is)
Captainship in Matches 0
Man of the Matches 3 (Tests), 2 (ODIs), 0 (T20Is)


Ishant Sharma, born on September 2, 1988, in Delhi, India, is a tall and lanky fast bowler known for generating bounce and seam movement. He made his Test debut on May 25, 2007, and has been a consistent performer for the Indian cricket team.

Ishant Sharma is one of the most experienced fast bowlers in Indian cricket history, and he has been a key figure in the Indian bowling attack, especially in Test matches. With his ability to hit the deck hard and extract bounce from the pitches, he has troubled batsmen around the world.

In his Test career, Ishant has played 101 matches and has been the spearhead of the Indian fast bowling attack. While he is primarily known for his bowling skills, he has shown his ability with the bat on a few occasions, scoring a half-century in Tests.

In ODIs, Ishant has represented India in 80 matches, and though he is yet to score a half-century, he has occasionally contributed with the bat. In T20Is, he has played 14 matches and has been more involved in his primary role as a bowler.

Ishant has faced a few instances of getting dismissed for a duck, but his main focus has always been on his bowling. He is yet to experience the nervous nineties in international cricket.

Ishant Sharma has been a prolific wicket-taker in Test cricket, where he has taken 311 wickets, making him one of India’s leading wicket-takers in the format. In ODIs, he has taken 115 wickets, and in T20Is, he has claimed 8 wickets.

While Ishant has not been a regular captain in international cricket, his performances with the ball have earned him several “Man of the Match” awards in Tests and ODIs.

World Records:

Ishant Sharma doesn’t hold any specific world records across formats, but his performances and wicket-taking abilities have played a significant role in India’s success in Test matches.

Brand Endorsements:

Ishant Sharma is associated with various brand endorsements and commercials. His reputation as a skilled fast bowler and his contributions to the Indian cricket team have made him a recognizable face in the cricketing world. While he might not be as extensively endorsed as some other cricketers, Ishant’s endorsements and commercial ventures have added to his popularity and have made him a respected figure in the Indian cricket fraternity. His towering presence and ability to consistently pick up crucial wickets have made him a crucial asset for the Indian team in Test cricket.

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