ICC World Test Championship points system

ICC World Test Championship Points System

Test Result Points Awarded
Win 12 points
Tie (draw with scores level) 6 points
Draw 4 points
Loss 0 points


The ICC World Test Championship (WTC) is a championship event for Test cricket teams played over a two-year cycle. The points system used in the WTC is designed to reward teams for their performance in Test matches, providing context and significance to each match.

As shown in the table, a team earns 12 points for a Test match victory, which encourages competitiveness and aggressive play. In the case of a tied Test match where both teams end with equal scores, each team is awarded 6 points, reflecting the hard-fought nature of such contests. For Test matches that end in a draw without a decisive result, each team receives 4 points, recognizing the effort and resilience displayed by both teams.

However, if a team suffers a Test match defeat, they do not earn any points, emphasizing the importance of winning matches in the championship. This rule discourages conservative approaches and prompts teams to go for victories.

Throughout the ICC World Test Championship cycle, each team competes in a series of Test matches against different opponents, both home and away, and the accumulated points determine the teams’ standings in the championship table.

The WTC points system has added context and excitement to Test cricket, making every match count in the race to secure a place in the final and be crowned the ICC World Test Champions. The system ensures that teams are rewarded for positive play and ambitious strategies while encouraging them to strive for success and dominance in the traditional format of the game.

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