ICC T20I rankings

ICC T20I Rankings

Rank Team Rating
1 Australia 277
2 England 270
3 Pakistan 267
4 India 260
5 South Africa 259
6 New Zealand 254
7 West Indies 246
8 Afghanistan 236
9 Sri Lanka 232
10 Bangladesh 229


The ICC T20I rankings provide a dynamic ranking system that assesses the performance of T20 International teams based on their recent results. The rankings are updated regularly and showcase the relative strengths of teams in the T20 format. The table above displays the current top 10 teams in the ICC T20I rankings, with Australia leading the pack with a rating of 277, followed closely by England at 270 and Pakistan at 267.

The rating is calculated based on the outcomes of recent matches, with more weightage given to recent matches compared to older ones. Wins against higher-ranked teams fetch more points than victories against lower-ranked teams, and similarly, defeats against higher-ranked teams lead to fewer points deducted than losses to lower-ranked teams. The ratings are thus dynamic and change with each match result, allowing teams to climb up or slide down the rankings based on their performance.

The ICC T20I rankings play a significant role in determining team seedings for ICC T20 World Cups and other T20I tournaments, ensuring a fair and competitive distribution of teams in major events. Additionally, the rankings add context and interest to the bilateral T20I series, as teams aim to improve their standings in the rankings. For fans and players alike, the ICC T20I rankings offer an insightful snapshot of the current pecking order in T20I cricket, making it an essential tool to gauge a team’s form and strength in this exciting and fast-paced format.

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