ICC Hall of Fame criteria

ICC Hall of Fame Criteria

Criteria Description
Retirement Period A player must be retired from all formats of international cricket for at least five years
Contribution to the Game Demonstrated significant impact and contribution to the sport of cricket
Integrity and Sportsmanship Exemplified high standards of integrity, sportsmanship, and fair play
ICC Voting Panel Selection is made by an independent voting panel comprising former players, journalists, etc.
Special Cases Exceptions may be made for players who retired over five years ago or under special merits


The ICC Hall of Fame is an esteemed recognition that honors the most exceptional cricketers who have made significant contributions to the sport. The criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame are stringent and ensure that only the most deserving players are immortalized in cricketing history.

  1. Retirement Period: One of the fundamental requirements for Hall of Fame eligibility is that a player must have retired from all formats of international cricket for at least five years. This ensures that their entire career is considered, and their lasting impact on the game can be assessed.
  2. Contribution to the Game: Inductees into the Hall of Fame must have showcased a significant and lasting impact on the sport of cricket. This criterion looks beyond mere statistics and considers how a player’s skills, performances, and influence have shaped the game.
  3. Integrity and Sportsmanship: Players in the Hall of Fame are expected to have maintained the highest standards of integrity, sportsmanship, and fair play throughout their careers. Their conduct on and off the field reflects the values that cricket upholds.
  4. ICC Voting Panel: The selection process for the ICC Hall of Fame is conducted by an independent voting panel. The panel consists of former players, cricket experts, journalists, and historians who carefully assess the nominees and cast their votes.
  5. Special Cases: While the general rule is that a player must be retired for at least five years, there are exceptions for special cases. Players who retired more than five years ago or those with outstanding merits may be considered for early induction.

The ICC Hall of Fame is a prestigious acknowledgment that celebrates cricketing legends and their invaluable contributions to the sport. It serves as a lasting tribute to their skills, dedication, and impact on cricket’s history and legacy. The induction of players into the Hall of Fame immortalizes their names and inspires generations of cricketers to follow in their footsteps. As cricket evolves, the Hall of Fame continues to recognize and honor the sport’s finest, keeping their legacy alive for future cricketing enthusiasts to admire.

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