Cricket stumps and bails

Cricket Stumps and Bails:

Specification Description
Stumps Material Typically made of wood, usually white in color.
Stumps Height 71.1 centimeters (28 inches)
Stumps Diameter 2.54 centimeters (1 inch)
Stumps Weight Approx. 0.907 kg (2 pounds) each.
Number of Stumps Three stumps are used to form the wicket.
Bails Material Also made of wood, placed on top of the stumps.
Bails Length 11.81 centimeters (4.67 inches)
Bails Weight Approx. 0.057 kg (0.126 pounds) each.
Dislodging the Bails To get a batsman out, the bowler must dislodge the bails from the stumps.


Cricket stumps and bails are integral parts of the wicket, defining the batting and bowling ends of the pitch. Here are the details of cricket stumps and bails:

  1. Stumps Material: Cricket stumps are usually made of wood, providing durability and stability. They are often painted white for visibility.
  2. Stumps Height: The standard height of cricket stumps is 71.1 centimeters (28 inches) from the ground.
  3. Stumps Diameter: The stumps have a diameter of 2.54 centimeters (1 inch), ensuring uniformity.
  4. Stumps Weight: Each stump weighs approximately 0.907 kilograms (2 pounds).
  5. Number of Stumps: Three stumps are used to form the wicket, positioned in a straight line with gaps between them.
  6. Bails Material: Cricket bails are also made of wood and rest on top of the stumps.
  7. Bails Length: The standard length of the bails is 11.81 centimeters (4.67 inches).
  8. Bails Weight: Each bail weighs around 0.057 kilograms (0.126 pounds).
  9. Dislodging the Bails: To dismiss a batsman, the bowler must deliver the ball in a way that causes the bails to be knocked off the stumps.

The stumps and bails play a crucial role in determining whether a batsman is out or not. When the bails are dislodged, it indicates that the stumps have been disturbed, signaling the dismissal of the batsman. The three stumps provide a target for the bowler to aim at, while the bails resting on top ensure that the stumps are securely placed. These simple yet crucial components ensure the fairness and accuracy of the game’s decisions.

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