Bapu Nadkarni

Bapu Nadkarni – Cricketing Career

Information Details
Name Bapu Nadkarni
Player Type All-rounder (Left-handed batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox bowler)
Date of Birth April 4, 1933
Father’s Name Not available
Birthplace Nashik, Maharashtra, British India (now in Maharashtra, India)
Career Starting Date December 21, 1955
Career Retirement Date March 16, 1968
Matches Played 41 (Tests)
Centuries 0
Half Centuries 4
Ducks 9
Nervous Nineties 1
Wickets 88
Captainship in Matches Not applicable
Man of the Matches 1


Bapu Nadkarni, born on April 4, 1933, in Nashik, Maharashtra, British India (now in Maharashtra, India), was an all-rounder who represented the Indian cricket team during the 1950s and 1960s. He was a left-handed batsman and a slow left-arm orthodox bowler.

Nadkarni made his Test debut on December 21, 1955, and soon established himself as a reliable middle-order batsman for India. Although he never scored a century in Test cricket, he was known for his gritty and determined batting style. He accumulated four half-centuries in his Test career and scored over 1,000 runs.

However, Nadkarni’s primary strength was his bowling. He was a brilliant slow left-arm orthodox bowler, known for his accuracy and ability to contain batsmen. He bowled with exceptional control and discipline, making it challenging for the opposition to score freely. In 41 Test matches, Nadkarni picked up 88 wickets at an impressive average.

He was particularly famous for his exceptional performance against England in the 1963-64 series, where he bowled a record-breaking 21 maiden overs in a row, conceding only three runs. This record remains unbroken in Test cricket to this day.

World Records:

Bapu Nadkarni holds the world record for the most consecutive maiden overs bowled in Test cricket. During the fourth Test against England in Madras (now Chennai) in 1963-64, he bowled 21 maiden overs in a row, conceding just three runs.

Brand Endorsements:

During Bapu Nadkarni’s era, brand endorsements and commercial ventures were not as prevalent as they are in modern cricket. The focus during that time was primarily on the game, and players were admired for their cricketing skills and performances on the field.

Nadkarni’s exceptional bowling performances and his ability to contain the opposition earned him respect and admiration from cricket fans. He was celebrated as one of India’s finest all-rounders during his playing days and left a lasting impact on the cricketing world with his remarkable records and contributions.

Overall, Bapu Nadkarni’s legacy as an all-rounder and a record-holder in Test cricket remains an inspiration for future generations of cricketers. His remarkable consistency and control as a bowler and his determined batting style have etched his name in Indian cricket’s history books.

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