Aravinda de Silva

Aravinda de Silva’s Profile:

Name Aravinda de Silva
Player Type Batsman, All-rounder
Date of Birth October 17, 1965
Father’s Name Ashley de Silva
Birthplace Colombo, Sri Lanka
Career Start 1984 (ODIs), 1984 (Tests)
Retirement Date 2003 (ODIs), 2002 (Tests)
Matches Played 308 (ODIs), 93 (Tests)
Centuries 11 (ODIs), 6 (Tests)
Half Centuries 64 (ODIs), 20 (Tests)
Ducks 16 (ODIs), 8 (Tests)
Nervous Nineties 8 (ODIs), 3 (Tests)
Wickets 106 (ODIs), 18 (Tests)
Captainship 17 Matches (ODIs)
Man of the Matches 8 (ODIs), 5 (Tests)

Biography: Aravinda de Silva, born on October 17, 1965, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is one of the most illustrious cricketers the island nation has produced. He was a versatile player known for his elegant stroke play and ability to deliver crucial performances in high-pressure situations. Aravinda started his international career in 1984, representing Sri Lanka in both One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and Test matches.

As a batsman, Aravinda de Silva was a delight to watch. He had a wide range of shots and was particularly adept at playing spinners. His technique and temperament made him a vital middle-order batsman for Sri Lanka. Over his career, he scored a total of 11 centuries and 64 half-centuries in ODIs, along with 6 centuries and 20 half-centuries in Test matches. He did face his share of challenges, resulting in 16 ducks in ODIs and 8 ducks in Test cricket.

One of Aravinda’s most notable traits was his ability to overcome the nervous nineties. In ODIs, he braved the 90s on eight occasions and went on to convert them into centuries. In Test cricket, he managed to conquer the nervous nineties three times. Such mental strength was a testament to his determination and focus.

Aravinda was not just a batsman; he was an effective all-rounder. As a part-time bowler, he picked up 106 wickets in ODIs and 18 wickets in Test matches, providing valuable breakthroughs for his team when needed.

He also had a brief stint as the captain of the Sri Lankan ODI team, leading the side in 17 matches. His leadership on the field showcased his tactical acumen and understanding of the game.

Throughout his career, Aravinda de Silva’s performances earned him numerous accolades. He was awarded the Man of the Match title on eight occasions in ODIs and five times in Test matches, reflecting his ability to shine brightly when it mattered the most.

World Records:

Note: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the records mentioned below were accurate. Please verify with up-to-date sources for the latest records.

One-Day Internationals:

Record Number
Highest individual score for Sri Lanka 145*
Most runs for Sri Lanka 9,284
Most centuries for Sri Lanka 11
Most runs in World Cup Finals 107

Test Matches:

Record Number
Highest individual score for Sri Lanka 267
Most run in a single Test series 636

Twenty-Twenty Format:

Aravinda de Silva’s international career took place before the Twenty-Twenty (T20) format became prominent, so he didn’t have specific world records in this format.

Brand Endorsements:

Aravinda de Silva, being one of the most respected and celebrated cricketers of his time, was a popular figure both on and off the field. While I don’t have access to real-time data, during his playing days, he might have been associated with various brands and endorsements, especially in Sri Lanka and other cricket-loving nations. Like many sports stars, his popularity and success likely made him an attractive choice for endorsements and sponsorships.

Please note that brand endorsements and partnerships can change over time, so for the most current information, it’s best to refer to the latest news and updates.

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