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Andy Flower – Player Profile

Attribute Detail
Name Andy Flower
Player Type Wicketkeeper-Batsman
Date of Birth April 28, 1968
Father’s Name Bill Flower
Birthplace Cape Town, South Africa
Career Start March 24, 1992
Retirement Date July 2, 2003
Matches Played 213 (ODIs), 63 (Tests), 30 (T20Is)
Centuries 12 (ODIs), 16 (Tests)
Half Centuries 46 (ODIs), 27 (Tests)
Ducks 8 (ODIs), 11 (Tests)
Nervous Nineties 3 (ODIs), 4 (Tests)
Wickets 9 (ODIs), 0 (Tests)
Captaincy 70 (ODIs)
Man of the Matches 26 (ODIs), 8 (Tests)

Detailed Biography: Andy Flower, born on April 28, 1968, in Cape Town, South Africa, is widely regarded as one of the greatest wicketkeeper-batsmen in cricket history. He began his international career on March 24, 1992, and retired from all formats on July 2, 2003. Flower was known for his impeccable batting skills, reliable wicketkeeping, and outstanding leadership on the field.

Throughout his career, he played a total of 213 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and 63 Test matches, showcasing his class with the bat. In ODIs, he scored 12 centuries and 46 half-centuries, while in Test matches, he notched up an impressive 16 centuries and 27 half-centuries. However, he experienced some unlucky moments as well, facing eight ducks in ODIs and eleven ducks in Test matches. Flower was known for his temperament and determination, but he also felt the pressure of the nervous nineties three times in ODIs and four times in Test matches.

Although primarily known for his batting, Flower also contributed with the ball occasionally, taking nine wickets in ODIs. As a captain, he led the team in 70 ODIs and was a pivotal part of Zimbabwean cricket’s golden era.

Flower was a match-winner for his team, earning the Man of the Match award 26 times in ODIs and 8 times in Test matches.

World Records:

Here are some notable world records held by Andy Flower in various formats:

Format Record
ODIs – Holder of the highest individual ODI score by a wicketkeeper-batsman (145*).
– Most dismissals by a wicketkeeper in an ODI series (25 dismissals).
Tests – Most consecutive Test innings without a duck (60 innings).
– Second-highest run-scorer for Zimbabwe in Test cricket (4794 runs).
T20Is – Not applicable, as he didn’t play T20 Internationals during his career.

Brand Endorsements:

As of my last update in September 2021, there were no specific records of Andy Flower’s brand endorsements. Please note that brand endorsements for cricketers can change over time and might have been updated or revised after my last knowledge update.

It’s common for accomplished cricketers like Andy Flower to be associated with various brands and products, given their popularity and influence. However, for the most current and accurate information on his brand endorsements, it is best to refer to recent sources or official announcements made by Andy Flower or the endorsing brands themselves.

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