Andy Blignaut

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Attribute Details
Name Andy Blignaut
Player Type All-rounder (Right-arm fast bowler, Left-handed batsman)
Date of Birth August 14, 1978
Father’s Name Arnie Blignaut
Birthplace Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Career Start 1999 (ODI debut)
Retirement Date June 4, 2007 (ODI)
Matches Played 68 (ODIs)
Centuries 1
Half Centuries 10
Ducks 3
Nervous Nineties 1
Wickets 52 (ODIs)
Captaincy 3 (ODIs)
Man of the Matches 4 (ODIs)

Detailed Biography

Andy Blignaut, born on August 14, 1978, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was a talented all-rounder known for his right-arm fast bowling and aggressive left-handed batting. His father, Arnie Blignaut, played a significant role in nurturing his cricketing talent from a young age. Andy’s journey into international cricket commenced in 1999 when he made his ODI debut for Zimbabwe.

Blignaut quickly gained recognition for his fierce pace bowling and powerful hitting with the bat. He became a crucial member of the Zimbabwean cricket team during the early 2000s, showcasing his ability to contribute with both bat and ball. Throughout his career, Andy played 68 ODIs, scoring 1 century and 10 half-centuries. While he displayed immense potential, he encountered some disappointments with 3 ducks and a solitary instance of being dismissed in the nervous nineties.

As a bowler, Blignaut was a potent force, claiming 52 wickets in ODIs with his fast and aggressive deliveries. He was equally adept at swinging the bat, often providing vital lower-order contributions for the team. Andy even had the opportunity to lead Zimbabwe in 3 ODI matches.

Blignaut’s exceptional performances earned him recognition as he secured 4 “Man of the Match” awards in ODIs. His ability to turn the game’s tide single-handedly made him a valuable asset for the Zimbabwean team.

World Records

Note: As of my last update in September 2021, the following table may not reflect any records broken after that date.

Format Record Record Details
One-Day Internationals (ODIs) Highest individual ODI score by a Zimbabwean No. 8 batsman Scored 78 runs against West Indies on November 26, 2003

Brand Endorsements

While Andy Blignaut was a prominent figure in Zimbabwean cricket during his playing days, specific details about his brand endorsements are not readily available in my current data. However, successful cricketers often attract various brand endorsements, including sports equipment manufacturers, sportswear brands, and consumer products. With his skill set and popularity in the cricketing world, Blignaut may have been a sought-after personality for companies seeking to associate with cricketing icons to promote their products.

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